Colossus Audio
is proud to present Particles:

“Particles” is a modern Sound Design, IDM, Glitch, Club, focused collection of high quality audio samples, a combination of granular, glitched, liquid, abrasive yet cinematic sounds that are perfect to bring your production to a next level of complexity and organicity.
Ready to use as loops or to be resampled as you want into your projects, “Particles” offer a variety of almost 300 samples plus an Ableton live instrument with 20 extra samples that can generate an infinite variety of sounds and loops.

All samples are Royalty Free 

The pack contains:

100 Drum Loops
(Granular, Liquified, Particel, Dry etc.)

80 One Shots
(Impacts, Kick Drums, Snares, Sub hits etc.)

25 Fx

30 Atmospheres/Ambient

36 Vocals 

Ableton Rack/Project *compatible with version 11.2 or higher

Written and Produced by Anthony Arcana 
Demo 1 Produced by Anthony Arcana
Demo 2 Produced by Michele Nannini
Design by Michele Nannini


“Tortured Cello” is a collection of recordings made on a 1737 Nadotti that thanks to its rarity, build and range provides a highly unique sound palette. Aching to the more cinematic sound aficionados this pack will provide unorthodox and disruptive additions to your compositions through the use of both unaltered and altered sound sources, unconventional playing styles and articulations.

The pack contains:
12 Longs
20 Shorts
09 Drones
19 Impacts

Performed by Alessandro Branca.
Recorded by Francesco Leali and Alessandro Branca. Editing and processing by Anthony Arcana and Francesco Leali.

Design by Michele Nannini.


The pack spans a wide range of uses. Noises and violence into any track or remix. This pack is focused for heavy and electronic music without any compromise.
The pack contains Drones, Ambiences, Morphed basses, Distorted Kicks, Impacts and much more and of course loads of offensive sounds processed through wave shapers which you can use in just about any other style of noise and hard electronic music.

The pack contains:
150 Loops (Bass Drums, Hit Hats, Percussions etc.)
150 One Shots 
30 Sequences 
30 Vocals

All sounds recorded and processed by Anthony Arcana in Berlin.

Design by Michele Nannini.


The Second and last volume of the Heavy Distorted Dark pack is here.
A fresh collection of instantly usable loops and samples
that will fit perfectly with your project.
From twisting and rumbling bass lines to rising and devastating sounds,
gritty and hard hitting drums and metallic hits to complex percussion,
terrifying bass-hits to rolling drum shots, dark fxs cinematic sounds metal hits and impacts recorded in studio and go on.

The pack contains:
60 Loops (Bass Drums, Hit Hats, Percussions etc.
100 One Shots
30 Morphed Basses  
30 Cinematic Guitars 
20 Metal Impacts

All sounds recorded and processed by Anthony Arcana in Berlin.

Design by Michele Nannini.


“Wrecking Vocals” contains a selection of dry and wet vocal loops, vocal chops, shouts and phrases ranging from 80 to 140 BPM, making them extremely versatile and usable in your productions!

Suitable for Techno, Industrial, Heavy electronics, EBM and more.

"Wrecking Vocals" comes with a diverse range of inspiring screams, growls and musical elements that immediately add a heavy touch to your compositions. From growls and screams loops to twisted textures, choirs, computered noise vocals, vocal chops to FXed. All sounds are organised into folders for easy access and can be used in your productions!

Warning: This pack contains explicit language!

The pack contains:
90 One Shots Vocals
60 Fx and Glitched Vocals
9 Choirs

All sounds recorded and processed by Anthony Arcana in Berlin.

Design by Michele Nannini.

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